We are an American owned company that manufactures an all American made product. Our metal buildings are unique, multipurpose facilities designed around the owners many uses. You can play in it, stay in it, manufacture, truck, stable, farm, shop, build a loft, or fellowship in it! We believe that customer satisfaction, quality, low price and easy construction guarantees you the best buy available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All ABC Metal Buildings come standard with full load trusses at both endwalls. That allows you to open the endwall and attach more bays to continue your free span facility. Want to make the building wider and add offices/classrooms? Perfect we have thought of that as well, attach enclosed sheds on both sides with the same snow and wind loads of the original building!

Yes, ABC Metal Buildings manufactures special wall columns for churches, The Cathedral Truss Column. The columns are 8” wide straight up to 8’6” then tapers out. We provide 8” wide girts to go in between the truss legs to hide the truss in the wall. Girts are on 2’ centers so no need to build out addition wall for the exterior as you can attach your sheetrock straight to our girts. Ask your building specialist for more details.

Absolutely! We love to work with customers and realize that it takes a great effort to ensure they are buying and constructing the best possible building for their project. We would be happy to tour them with you and allow you to talk with the owners one on one.

Normally a 30×30 building will accommodate a two-car family. The height of the building will be dependent on the size big door or doors you want. You can put a 16×10 door in the gable of a 30x30x10 building.

Yes, all of our building at ABC Metal Buildings are engineered with a 2 lb. collateral load (most other systems standard is 0.5 lbs. collateral) and we can increase the load depending on your requirements. What this means is for a 100×100 facility, you can hang 20,000 lbs. from the roof and even maintain a snow load.

Yes, we can help design and manufacture your mezzanine. We will need to know what it is being used for (Storage, Offices, Equipment, etc.) and the required floor loading.


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